Essay 27:

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September 21, 2015

The current curriculum doesn’t cater for specific needs and learning methods of students. Exams put unnecessary stress on developing students, which don’t prepare them for real world. Some educationists believe this and many refute. By the help of continuous assessment, examiners and teachers can have a real and fair assessment on students’ knowledge and diminish the noticeable flaws and unpleasant outcomes.
If teachers judge students’ intelligence based of their exam score, teachers may not see them for their true potential they really have. Teachers are unable to judge a child’s learning experiences through the same style for all children. They might know that each child is different and has different learning styles. Moreover, the content of every subject isn’t retaught, such parrot learning, meaning the students never really learn from their own mistakes. Thus, it wouldn’t a more logical and beneficial approach to simply reteach those common if teachers did held lecture-based classes instead of task-based classes.
Continuous assessment, nonetheless, is the great approach, within which teachers can decrease biased evaluation and curriculum’s flaws that are mentioned. Allowing each and every student to shine in their own way is a bliss that is happened just in pioneer countries, namely Japan, the USA and so on. If a student is able to pass class through their normal school work, consisting of homework, diagnostic tests along the way, class work completed then there should be no need for exams. It would be visible what students were capable of getting the main concept of the courses without any resentment, fear, disappointment and peer pressure. Therefore, this gives them confidence, self-esteem and self-actualisation.
To conclude, the dire consequence of final examination would be devastated if decision makers put an acceptable priority to assess students consistently during their year. It is felt that this is the best way to depict the utopia. 296/ 49

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