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An English Question about Trusting Others

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      1. Do you think you can be trusted to do something that you promise to do?
      2. Do you trust others, especially your friends, easily?
      3. What are the pillars of trust in a relationship?
      4. In a relationship, are you generally more trusting or suspicious?
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      Armaghan Houshmand

      1. Yes, I guess I am a trusting person and I really try to do what I promised.
      2. Yes I do trust my close friends, Which I’ve been friends with them almost ten years. but others no. It is hard for me to trust somebody that I am not very close to.
      3. In my opinion loyalty, respect and honesty are the pillars of trust in friendship.
      4. I am trusting. I have a rule for myself to be honest in my relationships.

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        1. I guess you’ve mistaken the word ‘trusting’ for ‘trustworthy’. These two words are not the same. The word ‘trusting‘ means tending to trust others easily, while ‘trustworthy‘ means reliable and deserving to be trusted.
        2. in a friendship

        It is quite logical not to trust strangers so soon. So, I concur with you on this point.

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      Farhang Hooshmand

      I almost always try to do my best and keep my promises . If I think that I probably cannot do sth I do not promise . I used to trust people espicially my freinds but since one of my close friends cheated on me I took a hard and painful lesson to be more cautious. In my opinion the pillar of trust in a relationship is honesty. Since my bitter experience I became more skeptical and usually think more before trusting others.

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        1. especially
        2. my friends
        3. cheat on sb = to be unfaithful to your husband, wife or partner from a sexual point of view. I suppose you meant betrayed me or let me down. You can clarify that below.
        4. think more = think twice before …

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      Farhang Hooshmand

      1. most of the times I can be trusted.
      2. I can not trust to usual friends.
      3. Be very kind and honest.
      4. I well don’t trust to anybody that esily.

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        1. Most of the time
        2. easily
        3. trust someone (do not use ‘to’)
        4. ordinary / casual friends (not usual friends)
        5. can not = cannot

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