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Best Way to Learn Farsi Quickly & Easily with 10 Tips

Last updated on January 28, 2023 by | 60 Views | Reading Time: 8 minutes

Are you searching for the best way to learn Farsi quickly and effectively? Have you been told that learning Farsi is difficult? Well, first of all, we should reassure you that learning Farsi or Persian is quite fun and easy, and in this article, we’re going to show you 10 proven tips on learning Farsi online.

Watch this video on the best way to learn Farsi

How to learn Persian language easily?

Like any other second or foreign languages, learning Farsi seems to be formidable at first glance, especially with the Persian alphabet that is written from right to left. What’s more, the letters of Persian alphabet are totally different from most western languages in Europe and North America. This is because the Persian language belongs to the Indo-Iranian language family, and modern Persian is written with Arabic characters.

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The best way to learn Farsi or Persian easily and fast

As a result, at first sight, you might think that the Persian language must be a very difficult language to learn. But this is just a myth because you can actually learn Persian online easily and fast if you just choose the best way to learn Farsi, which is the main objective of this article.

Best Persian language resources

We believe the best way to learn Farsi is the combination of both live classes through synchronous learning and asynchronous learning through participating in Persian forums and discussion boards that include multimedia as well. However, both online Farsi classes and learning Farsi asynchronously do require best Persian language resources.

Persian language resources for non-Persian speakers
The main characteristics of best Persian language resources for non-Persian speakers

Finding appropriate Persian language resources is NOT easy at all. To elaborate on that, first we should know which Farsi language resources could be labeled ‘appropriate’ or suitable for Persian learners. We believe the following criteria should be met for Persian language resources to be considered appropriate:

  1. Persian language resources should certainly include multimedia, for instance, embedded podcasts, videos, etc. In other words, Persian coursebooks or textbooks with just plain text cannot satisfy current Persian learners’ needs for today’s life.
  2. Farsi learning resources need to be updated regularly to meet the communicative needs of Persian learners that might change as time goes by.
  3. Persian language learning materials and resources should be useful, interesting and motivating for Persian students based on content-based instruction; otherwise, Farsi learners might quit learning this sweet and fantastic language.
  4. Farsi resources and materials should be suitable for all age groups and academic purposes. Accordingly, these materials need to be categorized according to various age brackets, language skills, and the like.
  5. Persian resources should be completed with experienced Farsi teachers’ support through asynchronous channels of communication, namely comment forms and Persian forums.

100 best Persian short stories with English translation

As mentioned in the preceding paragraph, Persian resources must be interesting and useful for Farsi students to practice content-based instruction. One best way to learn Farsi and immerse Persian students in this language is certainly Persian short stories with English translation. You can learn a great number of Persian vocabulary in real context, that is, short stories in Farsi and get more familiar with Persian literature at the same time.

90 best short stories in English to read and enjoy with podcasts
100 best short stories in Farsi with English translation, videos, podcasts, and interactive comment forms and discussion boards

At LELB Society, which is a bilingual academy of both English and Persian, our Farsi students can access and read over 100 short stories in Farsi with English translation, embedded videos and podcasts taught based on flipped learning, and interactive comment forms and Persian forums to learn Farsi asynchronously.

Persian learners at LELB Society can perform oral reproduction of short stories in Farsi to practice speaking in our online Persian classes. Additionally, our Farsi learners can join our Persian forums to complete open-ended or unfinished stories in Farsi to practice writing interactively and creatively.

Best Farsi class for adults

Farsi students at LELB Society have this great chance to experience learning Farsi both in our live classes and before and after live classes through asynchronous learning. Learning Persian asynchronously cannot be implemented in any Farsi school or institute. This is because initially you need to have great Persian language resources, and then put asynchronous learning to use on the basis of your Farsi resources.

Best online Farsi course for non-Persian speakers
Best online farsi course for non-Persian speakers including both live classes and learning Farsi asynchronously

At LELB Society as an online Farsi school, Persian learners can study over 400 Farsi lessons with videos, and ask us their questions asynchronously about the lessons in the comment forms and Persian forums. All these lessons are neatly organized around interesting topics that any Farsi student should know to use the language efficiently.

Our Persian teachers are all bilinguals and can speak both Farsi and English equally well. At LELB Society, we do NOT teach from other authors’ books or resources as we’ve been developing original content in Farsi since 2017. LELB Society review in 2022 and our YouTube channel at LELB Society can shed more light on our concerted efforts to provide and feed our Farsi students with our original content.

For this reason, in our Farsi school, get ready to learn and practice Farsi nonstop as learning Persian is NOT just limited to a couple of live or synchronous classes per week, which could not be sufficient. On the contrary, the main portion of learning Farsi takes place asynchronously, which is particularly suitable for adult Persian learners.

Studying Persian in our Farsi school is on free trial. This means that you can try both live Farsi classes and monthly subscription or membership FREE before registration, no strings attached. It’s interesting to add that until now (January of 2023), we’ve had 119 English and Persian students in our bilingual academy, and the majority of them are learning these two languages asynchronously through monthly subscription or membership without any live classes.

Learn Farsi in Persian forums asynchronously

This is so obsolete to think that learning Farsi or any other languages should necessarily occur in traditional or even online classes based on synchronous learning. The main rhetorical question is why not learn Farsi online in both synchronous classes and also asynchronously without any time limit?

Persian forum to learn Farsi online asynchronously in our online community
Best Persian forum for non-Persian speakers to practice writing and speaking by leaving text and voice messages asynchronously

This is one of our strong points at LELB Society to teach our Persian students in our online Farsi classes and support them ceaselessly based on asynchronous learning, as well. For the latter part, we’re running the best Persian forum for non-Persian speakers to exchange questions, answers, and opinions asynchronously.