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English Essay 41: Addiction

The Essayist: Sam

These days, people are engaging with enormous high-technology devices in any industrial society. The dire consequences of industrialisation regarding those devices are dramatically spread the world over. Individuals’ lives are seriously threatened by misusing both Television and Internet as a widespread media. I personally believe that TV addiction due to TV distribution is more dangerous than Internet addiction owing to increasing violence and lessening the effective connection between family members.

To begin with, the rate of violence between the young are becoming increase day in, day out because of excessively viewing TV. In the majority of TV programmes and films, within which actions and aggressive manner are designed in order to attract more audiences in this industry. In this manner, the young because of their curiosity tend to put those unpleasant scenes and immoral behaviours into action in the public. In so doing, the rate of juvenile delinquency is noticeably increased. Thus, the violence would be easily distributed by warlike TV programmes.

Additionally, TV can be harmful when it acts such as a universal pacifier in every close-kite family ambience. For instance, when my family members come home in the evening, they try to pursue some very poor quality series or shows none-stop. This would be unimaginably deteriorated if one member wanted to talk or ask about an important matter during seeing a film, nobody permits others to say a word. In this atmosphere, the lack of attention and care can be seen. Even if family members are sitting next to each other, they do not know about others’ feeling and needs. Therefore, their invaluable relationships are overshadowed by TV.

In conclusion, Violence and poor family relationship are the destructive effects of TV on individuals and societies. It is felt that TV as a common and famous medium has more destructive effect than the internet. 305/ 52

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