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English Question about Watching TV for Discussion

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English Question about Watching TV

English Question about Watching TV

If giving up TV is too much of a sacrifice, would you consider switching to black-and-white viewing?

There are almost no pleasures left in life that someone hasn’t suggested we give up to better ourselves. Sugar, smoking, meat, clutter, coffee, even our smartphone. Soon we’ll be told that all this teeth-brushing is getting rid of our bodies’ important natural tooth bacteria and Joe Wicks will launch his new book: How to Live with Decay … Everyday!

Yet there is one indulgence that engulfs our life like nothing else. We spend a dizzying amount of time doing it, yet it goes almost completely unchallenged by self-help books and wellbeing advice: watching television. We spend, on average, over four hours a day looking at our TV sets. In the UK, 74% of viewers say they sometimes watch more TV than they intended to, with a third of adults admitting that binge-watching has cost them sleep and left them feeling tired.

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/

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