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Immerse Yourself in English to Prepare for Your IELTS TEST

Published on July 19th, 2018 | Last updated on June 29th, 2023 by | Category: Reading Practice in English | 14 Comments on Immerse Yourself in English to Prepare for Your IELTS TEST | 189 Views | Reading Time: 4 minutes

Immerse Yourself in English To Prepare For Your IELTS Test

Immerse yourself in English

Cassie LELB Society Author: Cassie

Last year, a record two million people took the IELTS test around the world. There are preparation classes and study materials available to help you prepare for this assessment, and it is important to use all these resources. In addition, it is important to immerse yourself in the language in your everyday life, so you can acquire the reading, writing, speaking and listening skills that will help you gain confidence and do well in your exam.

Read and write

Improving your English reading skills can be fun. Think about your interests and the activities that you enjoy, then find related materials to read. Do you enjoy sports? You can decide to read the sports section of the newspaper every day, or get some sports magazines to read in English. Do you enjoy comic books? Find some fun English comic books; that way you can read and laugh at the same time. If you can identify what you really enjoy reading, it will become easy to immerse yourself in it every day. Research has also shown that if you read for pleasure, you are likely to be more confident and less stressed out.

Immersing yourself in writing English in your everyday life can be just as enjoyable. For instance, you can engage in conversation on social media with friends who are fluent in English, or even with your fellow students. You can also write to-do lists and other reminders for yourself in English every day.

Listen and speak

Listening practice is important. Besides listening to practice tests, you can immerse yourself in listening by watching English TV programs or listening to the news in English. You can also spend time with friends who speak English fluently, or go to places such as coffee shops where people converse in English. At first you may not understand much, but rest assured that our brains can function more efficiently than we think. Listening to English as you learn enhances your brains capacity in other areas such as math and logical reasoning as well.

Make it a point to also speak English every day. Speak to friends and classmates or go to a restaurant where you have to order a meal in English. If there is no one to speak to, develop a habit of speaking to yourself; just don’t do it too loudly.

Immersing yourself in English can be an enjoyable way to complement your studying. By doing this, you will get a lot of practice in reading, writing, listening and speaking. This will help you feel much more confident by your test day.

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14 comments on “Immerse Yourself in English to Prepare for Your IELTS TEST”

  1. 3. I believe that going to restaurants and public places do not improve your English skills considerably, because in the society, you just use simple words and phrases. To what extent do you concur with me?

    • It’s very desirable going to places such as coffee shops where people converse in English. But it’s not that easy to find appropriate public places where could we speak English.

      • Absolutely. However, talking to other people speaking English is just one of the ways to immerse yourself in English. And in my idea, it’s a better idea to organize our conversations with our friends in order to get the most out of our conversations and social interactions.

    • With imagination! We should think about our daily duties in English. We can imagine in English and with this method we would be able to immerse as much as possible.

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