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The Father Movie Review in Film Criticism Course Forum

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      The Father movie review and analysis in film criticism course forum for advanced ESL students based on the English Immersion Program. Join our students to attend this course for free.

      The Father movie review

      Hopkins gives a moving, Oscar-winning turn as a man with dementia in a film full of intelligent performances, disorienting time slips and powerful theatrical effects

      English documentary on brain stroke with transcript

      “Let me not be mad, not mad, sweet heaven!” says King Lear, a plea which is overwhelmingly sad because it can never be heard by anyone with the power to grant it. Anthony Hopkins, who played Lear in Richard Eyre’s production, now delivers another performance as an ailing patriarch with a favorite daughter and nowhere to stay, in a film directed by Florian Zeller, and adapted by Christopher Hampton from Zeller’s own award-winning stage play.

      Still Alice movie summary and analysis in Film Criticism Course Forum at LELB Society

      There is unbearable heartbreak in this movie, for which Hopkins has become history’s oldest best actor Oscar-winner, and also genuine fear, like something you might experience watching Roman Polanski’s Repulsion or M Night Shyamalan’s The Sixth Sense.

      Source: The Guardian

      The Father movie trailer

      If you cannot see the embedded video below, click here to watch The Father movie trailer directly.

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      Soroosh Houshmand

      The father was one of the darkest films that I’ve had everd seen. I should say this film was really good at showing that how bad it is that every time your memory’s will be gone.

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        * that I’ve had everd seen = that I’ve ever seen
        * your memory’s will be gone = your memory will be gone

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      Armaghan Houshmand

      This movie really broke my heart. It was very emotional and dramatic. The actings were superb and exceptional.
      It was about an old man suffering from dementia and its impact on their family. It truly does worth watching.

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      This movie was really hard to watch for me. How Anthony was struggling with dementia, the way his mind didn’t function properly. And also his daughter Anne who became sad everyday by his father’s actions. This movie helped me to understand people with dementia better.

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      The Father reminded me of the art of losing brought up in the film, Still Alice. According to the art of losing, we should be ready to give back whatever that is bestowed upon us sooner or later. In my opinion, death could be such a great blessing compared to absolute senility when you gradually get alienated from yourself and your surroundings.

      On the other hand, I made some association between The Father and About Schmidt acted by Jack Nicholson as a retired old man who fails to interact with the people around him, even the closest ones due to old age and a feeling of insignificance.

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