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Compound-complex Sentences in English

Last updated on July 31, 2019 by in English Grammar Lessons with Videos Category with 16 Comments on Compound-complex Sentences in English, 45 Views and Reading Time: 3 minutes
Compound-complex sentences in English Compound-complex sentences in English Simple sentence A simple sentence includes one independent or main clause. Furthermore, the meaning of a simple sentence is complete by itself. Watch this video on YouTube These days, computers are used for a variety of purposes. Compound sentence A compound sentence consists of two independent or

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16 comments on “Compound-complex Sentences in English”

      • This is not a compound-complex sentence. It’s actually a compound sentence consisting of two independent clauses. A compound-complex sentence, as its name indicates, should have at least two independent clauses (i.e., compound sentence) and one dependent clause. In your example, you’ve used an adjective clause, which is not a dependent clause. Please note that an adjective clause is not a major part of any sentence and it can be omitted. Pay attention to the following example of a compound-complex sentence:
        Although Robert was a monolingual, he moved to Canada and he tried to learn both English and French because it was essential for him to speak both of the languages.

    • Although, it seems easy to make an example of compound-complex sentence, it requires to know both the compound sentence and the complex sentence properly before you want to start writing.

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