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Expatriate 1100 Words You Need Week 19 Day 2

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Expatriate 1100 Words You Need

Expatriate 1100 Words You Need

/ekˈspæt.ri.ət/ (adj, noun & verb)

Noun: someone who does not live in his own country, someone without citizenship, someone who has moved abroad, emigrant, tax exile, colonial, deportee, refugee, exile, émigré

Adjective: related to expatriates, foreign, overseas, colonial

Verb: expel, extradite, banish, exile, oust

An expatriate is an individual living in a country other than his or her country of citizenship, often temporarily and for work reasons. An expatriate can also be an individual who has relinquished citizenship in their home country to become a citizen of another.

An expatriate is a migrant worker who is a professional or skilled worker in his or her profession. The worker takes a position outside his/her home country, either independently or as a work assignment scheduled by the employer, which can be a company, university, government, or non-governmental organization. If your employer sends you from your job in its Silicon Valley office to work for an extended period in its Toronto office, you would be considered an expatriate or “expat” after you arrive in Toronto.

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Antonym: native, indigenous

Noun: expatriation

Farsi: از کشور خود راندن ،تبعيد کردن ،ترک کردن ميهن ،تبعيدى

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