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Have the Upper Hand 1100 Words You Need Week 16

Have the Upper Hand 1100 Words

Have the Upper Hand 1100 Words

to be able to control the situation because you have more power than other people, call the shots, rule the roost, gain the upper hand, dominate, wield power, take over, rule, control:

His account of the event differs from the one in the initial press note issued by the Sukma police. That note gives the impression of an ambush-like incident, where armed Maoists had attempted to attack the police and the police had retaliated. According to the statement. there were between forty and fifty Maoists who ran away after realising that the police had the upper hand.

Source: The book: The Cabavan, the Great Indian Coalition

Antonym: give in, surrender, capitulate

Farsi: اوضاع را تحت کنترل خود در آوردن

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