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Incapacitate 1100 Words You Need Week 22 Day 2

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Incapacitate 1100 Words You Need

Incapacitate 1100 Words You Need

/ˌɪn.kəˈpæs.ɪ.teɪt/ (verb)

to make someone weaker and unable to do something, enervate, debilitate, undermine, weaken, lessen, deprive of effectiveness, officially rule someone out, injure, harm, disable

Chronic health condition implies a complex, continuous, permanent situation, and requires specific strategies to change one’s lifestyle; Chronic health condition is characterized by its long term and requires mental preparation to adjust and adopt precautions in life, which involves strategies to deal with the symptoms and face the changes in lifestyle, and family and social relationships; Chronic illness is an incapacitating condition that requires long term care, in addition to continuous and simultaneous primary and secondary prevention, as well as rehabilitation services. The cure process is very slow or inexistent with age, which generates residual incapacity and sometimes frequent illness recurrences.

Source: https://www.scielo.br/

Antonyms: enable, energize, empower, encourage

Adjective: incapacitated, incapacitating

Noun: incapacitation

Farsi: ناقابل ساختن ، سلب صلاحيت کردن از، بى نيرو ساختن ، از کار افتادن ، ناتوان ساختن ، محجور کردن

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