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Incisive 1100 Words You Need Week 14 Day 3

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Incisive 1100 Words You Need

Incisive 1100 Words You Need

/ɪnˈsaɪ.sɪv/ (adj)

quick to understand, insightful, astute, shrewd, well-formulated and clear, intelligent and ingenious, keen, sharp, perceptive, straightforward and clear, frank and outspoken:

I recently re-read Nancy Kline’s book “Time to Think”. Her principal theme is that in order to create a “thinking environment” we need ten components; attention, incisive questions, equality, appreciation, ease, encouragement, feelings, information, place and diversity. This is a tall order but the one that resonated with me most was about asking incisive questions. So what is an incisive question? It’s one that allows you to lay aside prejudices or assumptions that prevent you taking action and frees your thinking so that you know what to say or do in a particular situation.

Source: http://www.haftonconsultancy.com/

We all like to see the caring, loving, creating side of human experience. We want to believe that this side will dominate in world affairs, and perhaps it will. Indeed, an occasion like this gives some hope that it will, but let us recall George Bernard Shaw’s incisive remark: “We cannot help it because we are so constituted that we always believe finally what we wish to believe. The moment we want to believe something, we suddenly see all the arguments for it and become blind to the arguments against it. The moment we want to disbelieve anything we have previously believed, we suddenly discover not only that there is a mass of evidence against, but that this evidence was staring us in the face all the time.”

Source: https://www.ncbi

Naturally, CNN proceeded to tell their story CNN’s way. The report allowed the “independent journalists” just a few tightly snipped words in edgewise. But at least one incisive remark made it through the network’s editing gauntlet: “We believe that objectivity is, in fact, a myth — that everyone has a bias, everyone has an agenda — and that corporations like major news corporations have a corporate bias.”

Source: https://www.iatp.org/

Antonyms: dull, unintelligent, stupid, lowbrow, blunt

Noun: incisiveness

Adverb: incisively

Farsi: ناقد، واضح، باهوش

French: incisive

Urdu: جانداراور

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