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Indoctrinate 1100 Words You Need Week 21 Day 1

Indoctrinate 1100 Words You Need

Indoctrinate 1100 Words You Need

/ɪnˈdɒktrɪneɪt/ (verb)

to teach certain principles, to teach someone or a group of people to accept a set of beliefs uncritically or unconditionally, instill, instruct, program, train, coach, brainwash, propagandize

Indoctrination is a large and important issue in (not only moral) education. It is considered to be one of the capital pedagogical faults. However, the question is, what does it mean to indoctrinate? Educators from the liberal camp of the educational spectrum have had the tendency to criticize the traditional approach as “indoctrinational.” On the other hand, proponents of the traditional approach object that if indoctrination were defined properly then even the liberal approach would not be immune. This raises two fundamental questions that will be the subject of this study: a) what exactly does it mean to indoctrinate? b) is education without indoctrination even possible?

Source: https://www.researchgate.net/

Noun: indoctrination, indoctrinator

Farsi:  تلقین کردن، آموختن


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