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Know the Ropes 1100 Words You Need Week 19 Day 3

Know the Ropes 1100 Words

Know the Ropes 1100 Words

to be familiar with a place, system or organization and know how to act effectively, know your way around something, have experience of the appropriate procedures, to be confident and pretty good at doing or using something

This idiom originated from shipping. A sailing ship had many ropes which operated the ship’s sails. Sailors had to learn exactly which rope operated each sail and they also had to learn how to tie many different types of knots. When a sailor knew all of this, he “knew the ropes”.

“There is a new member of staff starting next week. Can someone who knows the ropes please volunteer to show him around?”

Source: https://www.bloomsbury-international.com/

Antonym: be like a bull in a china shop, be awkward and clumsy, all thumbs

Farsi: در کاری مهارت داشتن، با شم و خم کاری آشنا بودن


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