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Nomadic 1100 Words You Need Week 15 Day 4

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Nomadic 1100 Words You Need

Nomadic 1100 Words You Need


not living in one place and traveling all the time, itinerant, traveling, roaming, wandering, roving, drifting:

It’s hard to put my childhood into a word. I guess I could call it “nomadic”- constantly moving around to a different area where the better opportunities were plentiful. Every time I tell people I have moved 14 times they usually gasp. Then ask if my dad is retired military. I go through the same ol, “Yes, indeed I have moved that many times, and no it did not affect me in the ways you are thinking”.

Source: https://columbiasc.momcollective.com/

We left home over 5 years ago to travel the world and we never wanted to go back. Becoming a nomadic family, a digital nomad family if you like, and adopting the lifestyle worked well for us. We visited around 50 countries, several of those 4 or 5 times. We’ve been to 5 continents and flipped between the hemispheres. Our two children became full-time travelers at 6 and 8 and were still happy to continue as teens and twins. I am a mum and a travel blogger. My husband became fully retired from his old job as a chef. to work alongside me and travel. We did it, we achieved it, we still love it and we never had plans to settle down again.

Source: https://worldtravelfamily.com/

I started noticing a change after about 5 years into my fully nomadic lifestyle. Constantly moving from place to place came with it’s own set of problems that became increasingly annoying as the years went by.

Source: https://expertvagabond.com/

Antonym: stationary

Noun: nomad, nomadism

Adverb: nomadically

Farsi: عشایری، چادرنشینی

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