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Plea Bargain 1100 Words You Need Week 22 Day 1

Plea Bargain 1100 Words

Plea Bargain 1100 Words

pleading guilty to a lesser charge or offence, do a deal, negotiate, come to an agreement, contract, compromise, plea agreement, plea deal, an arrangement between prosecutor and defendant whereby the defendant pleads guilty to a lesser charge in the expectation of leniency

Although plea bargaining is often criticized, more than 90 percent of criminal convictions come from negotiated pleas. Thus, less than 10 percent of criminal cases actually go to trial. So, what are the incentives behind plea bargaining? Turns out, it’s quite complicated and doesn’t simply rely on one’s guilt or innocence. Below is a sampling of the various points of view among players within the criminal justice system with respect to plea bargain advantages and disadvantages.

Judges’ Incentives for Accepting a Plea Bargain

For judges, the key incentive for accepting a plea bargain is to alleviate the need to schedule and hold a trial on an already overcrowded docket (court calendar). Judges are also aware of prison overcrowding and may be receptive to the “processing out” of offenders who have been charged with low-level crimes. Generally speaking, plea bargains help create more judicial economy and conservation of limited resources.

Source: https://criminal.findlaw.com/

Noun: plea bargaining

Farsi: توافق به قبول اتهام برای جلوگیری از اتهامی شدیدتر

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