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Veneer 1100 Words You Need Week 18 Day 2

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Veneer 1100 Words You Need

Veneer 1100 Words You Need

/vəˈnɪəʳ/ (noun & verb)

  1. a think layer of plastic or wood that is used to cover the defects of something else, thin covering, covering, facing, surface, coating, layer, upholstery
  2. any decorative thing that is used to hide something unpleasant, outer appearance, façade, guise, mask

Verb: to cover the surface of something with a veneer

Few materials exude visual warmth like natural wood. But if a rustic reclaimed-wood feature wall doesn’t quite jibe with your contemporary or modern style, consider a wall covering made from real wood veneer. From simple wood grain to intricate inlaid geometric patterns, there are lots of striking decor options. Wood veneer comes in a wide variety of browns, from light to dark, so you can have it match your furniture and design. It’s great for soundproofing your room as well, so it might be the perfect wall covering for a home theater room or a living room.

Source: https://www.stylemotivation.com/

highlight the high-profile cases that the Russian legal system is so infamous for cases in which politics may Jeffrey Kahn follows the case of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, one of Russia’s wealthiest citizens, who was first arrested for various ‘economic crimes’ in October 2003. Many observers believe that his fall from grace was meant only to warn his fellow oligarchs that their Yelisinera wealth would remain safe only as long as they stayed out of politics. Khodorkovsky paid the price for breaching that understanding. Under that interpretation, his fate was perhaps unjust, but it is not broadly replitable. However, the very Fact that the justice system can be manipulated by politicians to achieve predetermined outcomes necessarily generates a ‘Richelieu effect’, as Kahn terms it. This effect occurs when political pressure corrupts and weakens the internal ‘checks and balances’ mechanism of the system, while nevertheless doing so under a veneer of formal legality.

Source: The book, A Sociology of Justice in Russia

Adjective: veneered

Farsi: روکش کردن ،چوب مخصوص روکش مبل و غيره ،لايه نازک چوب ،جلاء،روکش زدن به

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