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Veracity GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

Veracity GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

/vəˈræs.ɪ.ti/ (noun)


the state of being honest and true, accuracy, conformity to facts, truth, probity, filled with truth, exactitude, authenticity, honesty, legitimacy, uprightness, truthfulness, ingenuousness, fidelity, integrity, candor


This paper argues that big data can possess different characteristics, which affect its quality. Depending on its origin, data processing technologies, and methodologies used for data collection and scientific discoveries, big data can have biases, ambiguities, and inaccuracies which need to be identified and accounted for to reduce inference errors and improve the accuracy of generated insights. Big data veracity is now being recognized as a necessary property for its utilization, complementing the three previously established quality dimensions (volume, variety, and velocity), But there has been little discussion of the concept of veracity thus far.



falsity, dishonesty

Parts of speech

Adjective: veracious

Adverb: veraciously

Noun: veraciousness

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