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1100 Words Week 1 Day 1 with Flashcards and Podcast

1100 Words Week 1 Day 1

1100 Words Week 1 Day 1


/vəˈreɪ.ʃəs/ (ad)

very eager for something, especially a lot of food, gluttonous, insatiable, ravenous, eager, keen, fond of, avid, hungry:

She has a voracious appetite (= she eats a lot).

He’s a voracious reader of historical novels (= He reads a lot of them eagerly and quickly).

After being a long time away from home, she was voracious for domestic dishes.


/ˌɪn.dɪˈskrɪm.ɪ.nət/ (adj)

done or completed without thinking, reckless, making no accurate distinctions, unselective, undiscriminating, uncritical, haphazard, random, arbitrary, unsystematic:

A great deal of civilians got killed in that indiscriminate bombing.


/ˈem.ɪ.nənt/ (adj)

famous, respected or important, well-know, renowned, distinguished, celebrated, prominent, outstanding:

an eminent historian / lawyer


/sti:pd/ (adj)

saturated and soaked, drenched, replete with, preoccupied with, immersed in, flooded, inundated, marinated, full, overloaded:

Interestingly, this family are steeped in satire and comedy.

Leave the beans in the water for a while to be completely steeped.


/rɪˈpliːt/ (adj)

full, especially with food, well-supplied, steeped in, immersed in, abounding, rife, fraught, filled, stuffed, saturated, brimming:

After two helpings of dessert, Sergio was at last replete.

This car has an engine replete with the latest technology.

Eat humble pie 

to officially admit that you were wrong and apologize for that, give in, admit, apologize:

It took much courage for the renowned professor to eat humble pie and admit that he was wrong about that scientific theory in public.

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