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Deposition – Legal Terms in English

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Definition of Deposition in real context with images, synonyms, antonyms and parts of speech for advanced learners of English

/ˌdep.əˈzɪʃ.ən/ (noun)


(legal term) a formal written statement or testimony made and offered in a court of law as evidence, witness’s testimony, oath, sworn testimony, confession, pledge

(military term) the act of ousting or removing an authority from power of high office, unseating, removal, ousting, overthrow


A deposition in the law of the United States, or examination for discovery in the law of Canada, involves the taking of sworn, out-of-court oral testimony of a witness that may be reduced to a written transcript for later use in court or for discovery purposes. Depositions are commonly used in litigation in the United States and Canada. They are almost always conducted outside court by the lawyers themselves, with no judge present to supervise the examination.

Source of example: https://en.wikipedia.org/


investiture, installation

Parts of speech

Verb: depose

Adjective: depositional

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