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Edifice 1100 Words You Need Week 20 Day 3

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Edifice 1100 Words You Need

Edifice 1100 Words You Need

/ˈed.ɪ.fɪs/ (noun)

  1. a large and impressive building, construction, pile, mansion
  2. a system that has been founded and established for a long time, a large or complex structure or organization, network, group, association, society

The Manila hotel was a magnificent edifice. Surviving the battles of World War II, the building was the quintessence of luxury and tropical spender. Off Rojas Boulevard, the hotel is near the tropical setting of Luneta Park and the tourist region of this historical city. Its restaurant served the finest in culinary foods, and its menu was gustatory delight in itself. Serving many of the foods of the Orient, it still had a menu of American and Mexican gourmet dinners.

Source: The book, Decades

Farsi: عمارت ،ساختمان بزرگ مانند کليسا

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