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English Vocabulary about Hygiene for IELTS and TOEFL

English Vocabulary about Hygiene

English Vocabulary about Hygiene


I suggested that he cleanse the vegetables perfectly, even so they seemed so shiny.

The paramedic helped the car accident casualties by cleansing their wounds.


Fossil fuels have a key role in contaminating the atmosphere, jeopardizing public health.

Sewage system prevents the chemicals from contaminating the environment.


A filthy bureau decreases employees’ tendencies for hard work.

The mudguard in a motorcycle prevents filthy mud from hitting the rider.


I become really nonplussed by the well-educated people who do not care about their personal hygiene.

Good practice of hygiene prevents contagious diseases from spreading in the society.


Immaculate clothes are a must in every theater worldwide.

An immaculate following of instructions is needed to assemble an engine from beginning to end.


Having no access to a pristine bath in the garrison, I had to make do somehow.


As a waiter, you should always put sanitary serviettes on the tables before customers’ arrival.

Emphasis on developing sanitary conditions in a society is due to avoiding spreading pandemic diseases.

Spick and span

Being neatened for a couple of hours, my room ended up spick and span.

Some scientific experiments demand spick and span environments to avoid undesirable disturbances affecting the result.


The spotless kitchen made me so complacent that I hesitated over the rest of my tasks.

Thanks to the bleacher, my shirt has become spotless again.


The bath was tainted by the blood in the murder scene.

His reputation was tainted by false allegations and unfounded rumors.

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