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Epithet 1100 Words You Need Week 15 Day 4

Epithet 1100 Words You Need

Epithet 1100 Words You Need

/ˈep.ɪ.θet/ (noun)

descriptive word or label added to someone’s name to insult or praise them, adjective, appellation, nickname, description, label, handle:

A girl’s name is Marilynn, but her parents call her Lynn. Her sister calls her Mary. And her friends call her Merry-go-round when she’s being silly. Lynn, Mary, and Merry-go-round are all epithets, or special nicknames that replace the name of a person and often describe them in some way. Epithet is derived from the Greek phrase epitithenai, meaning “to add” or “to put on.”

Source: https://literaryterms.net/

Arsames is mentioned by Herodetus as commander of the Æschylus that dwelt above Egypt. Memphis might well deserve the epithet of sacred: within its walls stood the temple of Vulcan, which seems to have been colossal even among the enormous buildings of Egypt. In of which exhausted the reigns and treasures of successive monarchs. The construction here well merits the epithet which Dr. Blomfield has bestowed upon it.

Source: The book: The seven tragedies of Æschylus

I find Antiochus the III the Great to be a fascinating person, but I was wondering if he deserved the title of “great?” He was defeated in important battles such as Raphia in 217 BC and Thermopylae in 191 BC, but he also solidified control over certain Parthian and Anatolian territories.

Source: https://historum.com/

Adjective: epithetic, epithetical

Farsi: لقب

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