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IELTS Essay on Developing Countries for Band 5

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IELTS Essay on Developing Countries

IELTS Essay on Developing Countries


Some developing countries receive constant financial support from international welfare programs to sustain their economic growth. Some people maintain that this financial assistance should be replaced with professional consultation and advice from developed countries.
Discuss both views and express your opinions.

Essayist: Can Siriklioglu

Various 3rd world countries have been recieving financial support from global associations for more stable economy around their region. While some people find it most feasible way to contribute to those country economies, some others hold the notion that professional consultation is the proper way to contribute devoloping countries economy.In my essay i would like to compare both option with my personal opinion.

In one hand, international financial assistance programs for tiny-economy countries are the most popular way for 3rd wolrd countries to thrive their economy. Eligable countries have been applying to those associations to develop their industry or agriculture to maintain better economy according to ability of their region allows. Those help provided from organisations have being used to open new factories, to expend their agriculture or to maintain better logistic to serve their trade purposes in short terms.

On the other hand economic growth should be strongly supervised to get over the obstacles that countries would be facing through their devolopment. It is well-known truth that the sources which are obtained from international welfare programs could devolde the economy to worse conditions , if it is not spend properly. According to research which has been done by Turkish Economy University in 2005, 3rd world countries which are consulted and supervised by economy proffesions are having more durable economy compared to financialy assisted ones ,after long term struggles.

To conclude, I hold the notion that latter opinion is more efficient way to contribute a devoloping economy of growing countries in long terms. As it is better to know how to catch a fish then recieving fish itself.


  • Analysis:
    • Your introductory paragraph does not indicate your main position to the essay question.
  • Cohesion and Cohesion (15% of 25%)
  • Grammatical Range and Accuracy (10% of 25%)
  • Lexical Resources (19% of 25%)
  • Task Achievement (17% of 25%)
  • Spelling: Too many misspellings
  • Punctuation: Much improvement is required.
  • Word Count: “268” Excellent!

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