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Incredulous 1100 Words You Need Week 13 Day 3

1100 Words You Need

Incredulous 1100 Words You Need

/ɪnˈkred.jʊ.ləs/ (adj)

showing disbelief, believe, doubtful, skeptical, unbelieving, disbelieving, suspicious, unconvinced, doubting:

An incredulous voice came out from the walkie-talkie. There was an incredulous tone in his voice.

Source: The Book,

I just visited Thailand last weekend and upon arrival at a , she asked me where I was staying and people in my group. When I told her I was here with myself, she asked me “but why???” in a really incredulous tone.


Recently I was chatting at a meeting about what I do in my work. When I said I did evaluation, the person responded with: “What is evaluation? Like accountability?” The incredulous tone was there despite a to hide it.


Antonym: convinced, naive, credulous

Noun: incredulousness, incredulity

Adv: incredulously

French: incrédule

Farsi: بی اعتقاد، دیرباور

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