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Plight 1100 Words You Need Week 22 Day 1

Plight 1100 Words You Need

Plight 1100 Words You Need

/plaɪt/ (noun & verb)

Noun: a difficult and critical situation, uncomfortable condition, hardship, predicament, dilemma, trouble, difficulty

Verb: make a vow, make a formal pledge, promise, swear, guarantee, give your word

Drawing and essay competitions have been devised for children on the theme “My family”, with the intention of understanding the concept of family that refugee children have. What do they perceive as their family and what are they trying to tell us through their drawings? It has proved most revealing; the children have told stories through their art work about the plight of families during flight, and their life in the camps, or while awaiting repatriation after a period in exile.

Grandparents have figured in these drawings as well as families with only one parent. Another aspect that has been highlighted is the need to find work for idle fathers who do nothing all day while the mothers work to keep the family alive. The trauma of violence figures largely in those pictures drawn by children from war-tom countries.

Source: https://apps.who.int/

Antonym: ease, comfort

Noun: plighter

Farsi: متعهد کردن ، متعهد شدن ، تعهد دادن ، گرفتارى ، مخمصـه

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