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Surmise 1100 Words You Need Week 13 Day 4

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Surmise 1100 Words You Need

Surmise 1100 Words You Need

/ˈsə.maɪz/ (noun & verb)

to guess something without having any evidence to prove it, make guess about something, conjecture, infer, deduce, conclude, assume, construe, presume, suppose, postulate, theorize, hypothesize, speculate, guesswork, inference, deduction, presumption, conclusion, assumption, hypothesis, postulation, supposition, speculation, theory:

Bascot was disappointed. He was sure he was right in his surmise that the two strangers and the Jew had been murdered somewhere else and then secretly brought to the alehouse in empty ale kegs, but they had not found anything to confirm his suspicions. He had been hoping for some sign — a missing purse belonging to the Jew or the young man, perhaps a belt buckle or a thong from a shoe, a few strands of hair — any item that would have given his premise credence.

Source: The Book, The Alehouse Murders: A Templar Knight Mystery

“What he may have felt in his heart is impossible to surmise. His outward appearance seemed indifferent and unconcerned over the wretchedness of his soldiers; only ambition and lost honor may have made themselves felt in his heart. And, although the French and Allies shouted into his ears many oaths and curses about his own guilty person, he was still able to listen to them unmoved.”

Source: https://www.pbs.org/

I would surmise that when my mother and my father were younger, my grandma and my father did not get along, because my father abused my mother. Once my mother came to herself, she finally left. In addition, she repeatedly stated as I was growing up, “Do not ever let a man put his hands on you.” Furthermore, my mother taught me that a man who hits a woman does not love her, because love does not hurt. My mother had the scars and marks to prove that my father beat her.

Source: The Book: The Doors that God Opens: How Resilience and Determination led to a Doctorate

Antonym: know, knowledge, certainty

Noun: surmiser

Adj: surmisable

French: conjecture

Farsi: حدس و گمان

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