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August GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

August GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

/ɔːˈgʌst/ (adj & noun)


Adjective: full of dignity and splendor, dignified, majestic, grand, of high quality, impressive, excellent, noble, sublime, superb, top-notch, admirable, prestigious, awesome, esteemed, eminent, distinguished, princely, venerable, imposing, stately, grandiose, lordly, exalted

Noun: the eighth month of the year between July and September


Responsible for the design of the hotel’s first getaway is Stockholm-based architect Hanna Michelson. Conceived as a tranquil retreat for two, the 33-foot-tall timber-clad structure is called The Loft House and has been raised up on stilts on a former ski slope in order to allow uninterrupted and august views over the surrounding treetops and the Ljusnan River valley below without disturbing the environment.

Capturing everything from river to mountain, august views vary greatly from one unit to another, but one thing remains constant – a deep, intimate connection with the natural world outside.




Parts of speech

Adverb: augustly

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