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Corroborate 1100 Words You Need Week 11 Day 2

Corroborate 1100 Words You Need

Corroborate 1100 Words You Need

/kəˈrɒb.ə.reɪt/ (verb)

to add proof or certainty to an account, statement, idea, etc. with new information, confirm, verify, prove, validate, document, substantiate, back up, support, uphold, attest, bear out:

Recent research seems to corroborate his theory.

Investigation must also seek out other evidence that can corroborate the facts attested to by witnesses or victims in their accounts of the event. 

Antonym: contradict

Noun: corroboration, corroborator

Adj: corroborative, corroboratory

Adv: corroboratively

French: corroborer

Farsi: تایید کردن

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