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Reply To: Wonder Movie Criticism & Analysis – Film Criticism Course

Last updated on February 8, 2023 by with 9 Views and Reading Time: 2 minutes

I can rank this movie 6.5 of 10. Despite being based on one of the best-selling novels published in New Yorker, it could be more inspiring than this. I believe I could finish the story better than its current ending. Like the previous movie, Whiplash, initially, I thought I would be watching a great movie. Yet, my expectations did not come true.

First of all, I believe Auggie was not that ugly or unattractive at all. I found him really cute and lovely and he did not have any grotesque face. Second, the plot of the story, especially in the second half, became boring and uneventful. On many occasions, Auggie was not at the center of the story at all. For this reason, I guess the film lacked any decent sense of focus.

The ending was the worst. Auggie received an award, which I believe he didn’t deserve. He had not accomplished anything special to earn and deserve that award. I could retell this fictional story in a way that Auggie could have become a prodigy or genius in spite of his unattractiveness, and for this fulfilment, he was widely appreciated.

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