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Fraught 1100 Words You Need Week 17 Day 2

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Fraught 1100 Words You Need

Fraught 1100 Words You Need

/frɔːt/ (adj)

  1. full of dangers, problems or unpleasant things, replete with, saturated with, accompanied by, full of, weighed down, charged
  2. full of tension and anxiety, anxious, tense, nervous, apprehensive, troubled

How do kids cope with learning difficulties? The classroom is fraught with social, emotional, physical and cognitive demands. Students enter at their own risk. In some schools, students sit quietly at desks, awaiting teacher instruction. The first task of the lesson, to acknowledge your presence, is the first stressor for some. The simple “here” or “present” can elicit stress for any student including those with additional learning needs.

Source: http://theconversation.com/

The Washington Post: Cruise Ship Held Off California As Coronavirus Spreads
The Grand Princess, which was returning to San Francisco after a two-week cruise to Hawaii, remained offshore and in limbo at the request of California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D). About 100 people were expected to be tested, among them 11 passengers and 10 crew members who have shown potential signs of covid-19, the respiratory disease caused by the coronavirus. Results were expected Friday. The fraught situation was the latest in an outbreak marked by confusion and uncertainty. As the U.S. death toll rose to 12 on Thursday and the virus spread to new states — including three cases in Montgomery County, Md. — the stock market again plunged.

Source: https://khn.org/

Antonyms: free, vacant, calm

Farsi: پر، مملو

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