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Free English Class on Mind

Free English Class on Mind for IELTS and TOEFL

Join our Free English Class for IELTS and TOEFL to practice the 4 skills. This class is 100% free for our membersClick here to join LELB Society in a minute.

Questions and Comments

  1. Why are women more emotional than men?
  2. Do you think the empty box in men’s brain helps them to handle challenging situations better compared to women?
  3. Was his performance really attractive as a lecturer? Frankly, his screams and shrieks were almost irritating to me!!!
  4. According to the lecturer, how should men and women interact with each other to relieve each other’s stress?
  5. Why must no one touch men’s mental boxes?
  6. How many little boxes are there in men’s brains?
  7. Fill in the blanks with proper words: women’s brains are made of ………. and everything is ………. to everything.
  8. Can you tell us one of the reasons why women can remember everything?
  9. What’s the favored box in men’s brains?

Participants of this Free English Class

  1. Dr. Hariri
  2. Hajar Aziz Zanjani
  3. Masoud Ebrahimi
  4. ShaPour KhodaParast

4 comments on “Free English Class on Mind”

  1. There are many stereotypes about gender differences and question one is one of them. There are studies that disapprove this viewpoint. They claim that men even may have stronger emotional response but they tend to show it less to the public and they are partly aware of this attitude. Personaly, I think our behavior is more complicated than being coded and thereby rulled by our gender. Our experience, our environment, our desires and drives to much extent can overprint probable gender inclinations that may exist in our emotional expressions.

    • You’re absolutely right about the undeniable impact of environment, drives, and so on. However, I maintain that the differences between men and women’s brains should also be regarded so that the two genders could get along with each other more smoothly. This is because of these physiological and neurological distinctions between the two brains that, e.g., Dr. John Gray has written the best-selling book, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.
      Generally speaking, men are more introverted, and women are more extroverted and sociable. Men are more single-minded, and women are more multiple-minded. Women are better language learners, particularly the first language. Men make better musicians and mathematicians; and the list will go on. Of course, there are exceptions as well.
      Besides, I wonder if you’ve watched the video upon which we held this discussion by Mark Gungor. If not, I invite you to watch this short presentation.

      • I agree that there are differences between men and women. I watched the second video and I looked into the background of both sources.Their statements are not scientific based, rather based on personal experience and thoughts. It is inetersting that some critics have accused Gray of limiting human psychology to stereotypes. Both sources have attracted a great audience and that may talk into some merits of their work. I am not familiar with details of their work. However, as I mentioned before, they are not scientific based. Therefore, I like to avoid a general statement like question one that do not have any solid scientific ground :)

        • Your opinion is certainly valued, and I’m glad this challenging topic has yielded some useful controversy. However, I still believe, and to some extent, know some neurological differences between the two genders’ brains. For instance, Corpus callosum, which is a layer between the 2 hemispheres, is fairly thinner in women’s brains, for which women are better at multitasking. Men’s brains are heavier up to 138 gr compared to women’s, although size or weight are not decisive.
          I admit that Mr. Gungor was making a scene in his presentation. Yet, I still stick to the scientifically based foundation of the mental and cognitive distinctions of the 2 brains.
          You said that you’re not familiar with the details of their work, and you’ve studied their critics. So, you must have studied Dr. Gray’s critics more deeply than his own book. I modestly think it’s not a scientific approach to science.
          I think the neurological and cognitive differences do exist and they don’t indicate any superiority or inferiority on any side. Yet, upon knowing them, the two genders can interact with each other much better. A a reference, I encourage you to study this article published by Stanford University.

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