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Lush 1100 Words You Need Week 21 Day 2

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Lush 1100 Words You Need

Lush 1100 Words You Need

/lʌʃ/ (adj)

  1. (especially of plants and vegetables): growing vigorously and luxuriantly, verdant, abundant, thriving, prolific, fertile, blossoming, leafy, grassy, blooming
  2. lavish, luxurious, opulent, profligate, sumptuous, deluxe, upmarket, rich

Eliza paused. Her only link? What of the other items that had been stolen? Likely they were sold to pay for the expensive illusion of wealth. She felt sorry for the Marquise. It was probably the truth that the woman had nothing left save for that one piece of jewelry. After lying to the entirety of Parisian society, where could you go? London wouldn’t have her. Neither would the Italians, regardless of her claimed heritage. After the lush lifestyle she’d achieved, could she survive the only professions possibly left to her?

Source: The book, Tales from the Archives: Volume 3

Antonyms: downmarket, arid

Noun: lushness

Adverb: lushly

Farsi: سرسبز، باشکوه

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