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Sardonic GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

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Sardonic GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

/sɑːˈdɒn.ɪk/ (adj)


showing that you believe you are more important than other people by not showing enough respect to them, disdainfully mocking, scornful, ironic, cynical, sarcastic, satirical, derisive, caustic, acerbic, snide, mocking


Have you ever wanted to whisper softly in someone’s ear “JUST WALK AWAY”? Umm… that’s a bit rude now but you can just simply ignore their sarcastic or sardonic comments and indulge yourself in a conversation with someone else. Or maybe, you can simply walk away. This would not only make them stop their sarcastic demeanor to go on for long but would also make them realize that you’re clearly not interested in being witty. Try this if you’re a nonchalant person and it might help you get away from it.

Source: https://listaka.com/



Parts of speech

Adverb: sardonically

Noun: sardonicism

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