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Tortuous 1100 Words You Need Week 18 Day 4

Tortuous 1100 Words You Need

Tortuous 1100 Words You Need

/ˈtɔː.tʃu.əs/ (adj)

  1. indirect and with so many turns and changes, labyrinthine, twisting and winding, convoluted
  2. complex and difficult to understand, intricate, puzzling, perplexing, baffling, complicated

Composite Sailing, therefore, is not at all affected by the arguments adduced in connection with the question which has of late so much, and so very properly engaged the attention of practical men interested in our commercial connection with Australia and New Zealand. Let it either be decided the maximum latitude of 50° is safe, or that 45° should be preferred; or, that we should, in accordance with Capt. Erskine’s advice, adopt a lower latitude than 400; still, I presume it would, under all circumstances be alike desirable that the shortest possible route, within the limits of either of these restricted parallels, should be preferred to the irregular and tortuous route which the navigator is liable to adopt, if he fail to make due allowance for the spherical form of the earth.

Source: The Book

Antonym: direct, simple, straightforward

Noun: tortuousness

Adverb: tortuously

Farsi: درشکن ،پيچاپيچ ،غير مستقيم ،پيچ وخم دار،فريبکار

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