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IELTS Essay on Online Education + Full Essay

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IELTS essay on online education with full essay and essay question submitted to us by our students. Learn how to excel at essay writing for IELTS, brush up your English grammar for essay writing.

IELTS essay question on online education

Some pedagogues argue that traditional education in physical classes will not be replaced by online education. However, according to some educationalists, online education will take the place of traditional education sooner or later.

IELTS essay on online education

I think that technical and complicated subjects such as Mathematics, Physics , chemistry, should be taught in traditional ways. It is better for children to learn this subjects in school classes. In this way both teachers and students can communicate and share their ideas, and students can more easily and faster ask their questions, and it would be more simple for children to know what is their problem and can easily resolve them. Subjects as History, Dini ( In religious schools) students can easily learn them from long distance, because the does not need much extra explanation and formulaic figures.

  1. Your introductory paragraph is too long.
  2. This sounds like a supporting paragraph.
  3. mathematics, physics
  4. physics, (no space between physics and comma)
  5. chemistry, etc.
  6. these subjects
  7. can ask their questions more easily and faster
  8. simpler
  9. what their problem is (noun phrase vs. question form)
  10. how they can easily resolve (know how to do sth)
  11. them = it (it refers to problem)
  12. history
  13. theology
  14. subjects as X and Y students??
  15. the does ??

with this speed of technology growth , I am able to guess that not in very far future, children can be both present at the class and sit on their chair in their homes.

  1. The paragraph is too short.
  2. With
  3. growth,
  4. I can guess (the difference between be able to & can)
  5. will (referring to future)
  6. physical or traditional classes

There is a new technology coming , named as Portal Technology. By using this we can be present in many places, we can be in our home, sitting on a couch, and drinking a cup of tea with our family in another city and talk to them.

  1. coming,
  2. named
  3. this,
  4. we can be present in many places, such as home, …

This can be very helpful for the kids too.

  1. Too short
  2. for kids / young learners (indefinite)

the can both see each other, talk, share ideas and laugh , and be in their own bedrooms.
No time wasting in traffic jams; we are going to have the best of both worlds.

  1. the??
  2. laugh,
  3. Not a clear conclusion

Analysis and scoring

  • Analysis
    • You’ve not taken this task seriously!
  • Cohesion and coherence: 10 of 25%
  • Grammatical range and accuracy: 10 of 25%
  • Lexical resources: 12 of 25%
  • Task achievement: 5 of 25%
  • Spelling: Good
  • Punctuation: Weak
  • Word count: “219” Insufficient number of words. Minimum number = 250
  • Time on Essay Writing: 25 of 40 minutes
    • You were expected to spend more time, i.e. at least 40 minutes on this demanding task. For this reason, you could write only 219 words in your essay, which is too short.
  • Band score: 4 of 9

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