Being Laughed At in English Conversation Questions Forum


Being laughed at can hurt feelings, especially when the person laughing at me is a friend or family. firstly, I can pause and think about myself and dealing with my problem. If I get upset, I do not engage myself in negative self-talk. I do not pretend to be fine and nothing had happened. I try to think about my mistake and solve the problem.
on the other hand, I can not control others behavior and stop them from laughing. But I can control my actions, feelings and what effect on me. I can choose to walk away from them and be kindness despite their rude behavior. Sometimes, others mocking me because they could not understand me. therefore, I focused om my own way without thinking about their opinion because I do not need others approval.
In all, our actions related to our thoughts about ourselves. we could not control on things happening, but we can determine how we view ourselves.


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