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Limpid GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

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Limpid GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

/ˈlɪmpɪd/ (adj)


transparent, lucid, vivid, clear, diaphanous, translucent, pellucid, understandable, comprehensible, crystal clear, intelligible, unambiguous, see-through – serene, unworried, composed, emotionally calm


It is well known that water is colorless, that is, transparent and limpid. However, when we look at seawater or pool water none of us would hesitate to say that the color we see is blue.

Widely-held belief is that seawater and pool water is blue because it reflects the sky color. Nevertheless, the truth is that the blue color is due to the sunlight reflection. Water absorbs those colors with wider length spectrum, such as red color, as well as shorter ones, such as ultraviolet. Moreover, other colors like green can be reflected when there are elements around that can reflect light, such as seaweed.

Source: https://gresaragon.com/


murky, opaque, obscure, vague, hazy, nebulous

Parts of speech

Noun: limpidness

Noun: limpidity

Adverb: limpidly

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