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Nebulous 1100 Words You Need Week 20 Day 1

Nebulous 1100 Words You Need

Nebulous 1100 Words You Need

/ˈneb.jʊ.ləs/ (adj)

unclear and lacking any form, obscure, hazy, vague, ambiguous, imprecise, unformulated, cryptic, tenuous, indefinable, opaque, elusive:

A lot of organizations approach us with a nebulous idea on a mobile application that entails research and discourse to assess its viability. They’re often unclear about how their services together with our technology can mould into an application that is “finally set to do something popular”.

We transcend in our development and design capacity, preparing the ground for crystallizing what was once a “nebulous idea” into an obvious target. We build aesthetic, highly-interactive apps in various tech divisions with exhaustive details on revenue and bringing users at the forefront.

Source: https://www.hytechpro.com/

Antonym: precise, clear, transparent

Noun: nebulousness

Adverb: nebulously

Farsi: تار، محو، شبيه سحاب ،بشکل ابر، تيره

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