Reply To: Farhang Hooshmand Portfolio Assessment


For the next session, please study the following:
Reading material:

Ancient Rome Facts – English Documentary

English short story:

The Wolf and The Lion Aesop’s Fable + Video

Complete this story one by one in an interactive way. Please do not complete it suddenly. Let’s go on paragraph by paragraph. It could be completed in 2 or more weeks, and not just in one week. There is no rush. It’s an open-ended story started by me. I will also participate in this activity. You need to use your own creativity and logic to add more and more paragraphs.

Dealing with a Dilemma – Open-ended Story

Check the forum of English questions for more new topics:

English Conversation Questions for Adults

Ask me if you have any question or criticism about your assignments for this week as a REPLY here in your own portfolio.

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