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Listening Practice on Elephants with Flashcards

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Listening Practice on Elephants Listening Practice on Elephants You might already know that elephants are large and majestic, but the extent of their size and intelligence may surprise you. Elephants are the largest living land animal. On average, African elephants are 10 feet tall at the shoulder and weigh up to 18.000 pounds. The largest

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2 comments on “Listening Practice on Elephants with Flashcards”

  1. Hi Dr.Hariri. I have a few question. What is the meaning of this phrase:
    ( larger than life presence)
    and this sentence: (Flap like projections on the end of a trunk are precise enough to pick up individual berries or leaves. )

    • Hi Armaghan. Thank you for using this comment to ask us your questions.
      About your first question, exceptional intelligence refers to people or humans, and larger than life presence refers to huge size of elephants, and the possibility of living together peacefully. Larger than life presence means mammoth quality.
      And about your second question, it refers to the loose and thin layer of muscle that sticks out of an elephant’s trunk designed specifically for picking up tiny things like berries and leaves on the ground.
      Berries like: strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, etc.
      Projection: end part of something that sticks out or protrudes.
      Flap like = the thin muscle at the end of the trunk, which is so flexible.

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