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Meditation | IELTS – TOEFL Speaking Practice

Last updated on April 5, 2021 by in Speaking Practice in English Category with 12 Comments on Meditation | IELTS – TOEFL Speaking Practice, 47 Views and Reading Time: 22 minutes
Meditation | IELTS – TOEFL Speaking Practice Meditation | IELTS – TOEFL Speaking Practice Relevant Audio / Video File Watch or listen to the following video/audio file in conjunction with the topic being discussed and try to answer the questions about it. Questions about the video/audio file Discuss some of the numerous advantages of practicing

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12 comments on “Meditation | IELTS – TOEFL Speaking Practice”

  1. 5. Some people believe that meditation helps us to solve our problems or treat our health issues. what do you think? Is it possible we overcome our difficulties by this means?

    • Decisively, that’s true. First of all, her posture, legs and hands along with opened eyes illustrate she isn’t concentrated. In the other hands, she raises her head and enjoys watching a pleased something. Something else which I have to add is that the light is too much for meditation. That’s why I think there is no evidence that she is mediating.

    • I think music can be regarded as a powerful tool in meditation. Music specially soft music can help us to be more relaxed and concentrate better on things. Little by little, people can learn to meditate without

    • Music is an international language and that can affect all people, irrespective of their languages, cultures, etc. So, music could impact our feelings profoundly. Also, in your schedule, you can meditate up to a maximum of 2-3 hours per day and for the rest of your time, you can listen to music in order to have the peace of mind.

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