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Antagonize GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

Antagonize GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

/ænˈtæg.ə.naɪz/ (verb)


to arouse hostility in, make people feel hostile toward you, upset, vex, provoke, irritate, anger, annoy, alienate, pester, rile, incite, rub up the wrong way, oppose


Pets that share our homes are typically “incredibly tolerant” to young children’s pokes and prods, said Tania Lanfer, owner and head trainer of Cannon Dog Training in Oakland, Calif., who works extensively with families. But such interactions can also be highly stressful, and sometimes antagonize pets. And since families are spending more time indoors because of the coronavirus, there is more opportunity than ever for children to seek out pets for play. A typically mild-mannered companion might hiss, scratch or bite its owner when pushed to its limit. And even if your pet doesn’t react on the outside, being in a state of persistent stress can “diminish their quality of life.”

For everyone’s safety and well-being, including those of the family pet’s, Lanfer recommended that parents and caregivers set firm rules about how kids interact with pets, ensuring that children learn to treat them as creatures with their own preferences, feelings and boundaries.



mollify, placate

Parts of speech

Noun: antagonist

Noun: antagonism

Adjective: antagonistic

Adverb: antagonistically

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