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English Documentary on Mosasaurs with Transcript & Video

English documentary on Mosasaurs with transcript as text and video to practice reading and listening comprehension and learn vocabulary in real context with images, ideal for IELTS & TOEFL candidates Source of documentary: National Geographic YouTube Channel Listening comprehension Watch this video on YouTube Reading comprehension What are mosasaurs? During the Cretaceous Period, mosasaurs were

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6 comments on “English Documentary on Mosasaurs with Transcript & Video”

  1. The more we know about the past of our own planet and its inhabitants the more we are puzzled and amazed about how creatures changed and evolved on our planet. The big question in my mind is what is the far future of our planet.

    • It seems there’s been a big discrepancy on the planet Earth before and after the asteroid that allegedly wiped out dinosaurs and the other reptilian beasts from the face of the planet.

    • We can get to know them and unravel their mysteries through excavation and studying their fossils or the remnants of their colossal bodies, thanks to archeological discoveries and advancements.

    • It’s so rewarding to see you commenting in a timely manner, Soroosh! Please keep doing that.
      Flexible jaws are NOT stiff and can be stretched as much as needed depending on the size of the prey.

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