Reply To: IELTS Essay on Success in Life + Full Essay

Farhang Hooshmand

Its a fact that many of us experienced or even happened to us that being successful in school is something different with running a successful prosperous life. I personally have this experience in my classmates performance and also to some extent in my life.

In my opinion although there are some correlation between scholastic success and flourishing life but achieving personal goals and having a successful adulthood life and career needs more developed qualities and advanced skills.

Many children try hard to get good grade and be successful as a student. This may result from their own will or sometimes occur under the pressure of their parents and teachers and sometimes their success comes from close competition with their classmates. But we all experienced that what really happens in life and all difficulties and challenges we have to deal with are different from those we come across in our childhood. To thrive in life and have a satisfying and lucrative job need at first the insight of choosing a job that you like and and beside that require knowledge and personality traits like time management, perseverance, resilience and the ability to have good interpersonal connection and have a good sense of team work.

Many of these skills are not taught in schools. So we frequently saw successful students who are not achieving success in their adulthood or vice versa children with poor performance at school but very successful in their career. There is another thing that I want to mention. Some children develop mentally and thrive gradually so they reach to a point of having a good insight of life and the knowledge of how they must behave and act later in their life. To be more clear and say it in other words they become mentally mature later in life.

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