Reply To: English Question on Social Life & Friendship


1. I really pay attention to what kinds of people I am gathering around myself. It is really important to me and I spent lots of time in high school that are my friends good persons? Or I am sticking to them because I am just trying to be nice and can not say no, or because they are really nice people and I can learn from them.
2. People who have wide attitude and talk politely and are open minded.
3. I am a quiet person and can’t open up with others easily at all unless I am really comfortable with those people and I know them. So, when I am with my friends I can easily talk and share my thoughts with out worrying to be judged.
4. I really do not know the answer to this question. It would be easier If I ask others to figure out. I hope it would I come up with nice answers.
5. I absolutely believe in this proverb. It is a good and easy way to have a first general acquaintance on someone.

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