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Outliving Your Friends – English Question for Discussion

Last updated on July 22, 2022 by in Speaking Practice in English Category with 16 Comments on Outliving Your Friends – English Question for Discussion, 48 Views and Reading Time: 2 minutes
Outliving your friends as an English question for discussion and conversation for IELTS & TOEFL candidates with a comment form to practice writing and speaking How hard would it be to outlive and lose each person you grew close to? If you lived a greatly lengthened life, would you experience so much that you’d soon

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16 comments on “Outliving Your Friends – English Question for Discussion”

  1. Armaghan nicely described all those and I agree with those Armaghan and Dr Hariri mentioned. I do not like to live beyond my darlings and I think sooner or later there will be a day that I become bored of this world and want to experience something or somewhere new or even rest in peace. So serene it will be if I could rest in peace with no any dark point in my conscience and no anything will weighupon my shoulders and cause any regret. As Dr Hariri mentioned I also do not like to be dependent on anybody else even my children. I prefer to live till I am healthy and could manage my duties and life. 7

  2. 1. I bet it would be really hard and depressing. Day after day you would be lonelier. There is a saying that immortality is more a curse than a gift.
    2. Yeah, probably. But I don’t like it. I think it would be almost impossible to blend yourself into the new generations.
    3. I don’t know, because as a person becomes older, his/her mental stability and flexibility decreases as well.
    4. Yeah maybe I would. I’ve heard the stories that some people lived so long and they were really tired that they wished to die. Like they greeted death as an old friend.
    5. Yes and no. It’s not true for everyone I suppose, because all the humans live in different circumstances and some of them are dealing with extremely serious challenges, e.g. poverty, famine and war. Not everybody have the time to think about carpe diem, they have to just survive and make it through the day.

    • Such a pretty comprehensive response! Thank you very much.
      As you said, death is a blessing if it occurs with a good and precise timing. I’d rather stay moderately healthy than be doddering, senile and totally dependent on my only child or perhaps grandchildren as an octogenarian or nonagenarian.

  3. 4- No, There is so many new things to do.
    Why we must be tired of living, life is a blessing of god and we must appreciate this blessing by trying more and more to serve man kinds.

  4. 3- Yes, Undoubtedly I love to live in different situations and dramatic changes are desirable for me. I was student in different places which were different with my birth place and living in other cultures was exciting for me.
    In my mind the social situation or changes are not so important, the important point is to live with honesty and considering the ethical concepts.
    The other important point is that we most do our best in all situations.

  5. 2- Yes, I love babies and If I was lived for long time I would like to be surrounded by children. (Also, the meaning of the question is a little ambiguous for me).

    • * … if I lived for a long time …
      * This question means that you lose your peers and friends due to old age; and as a result, you’re surrounded by your and their children and grandchildren.

  6. 1- undoubtedly it is one of the grave painful disasters which can make us upset.
    I have some experience in this situation, it is not easy to speak about man kinds feeling in this situation.
    Sometimes, in this situation person who lost her near friend or family thinks that the world is valueless.

    • * Did you mean “mankind”? It’s an uncountable word, and it’s not suitable for this context. You could write “the people dealing with this situation”.
      * person who lost her near friend or family thinks –> people who lose their new friends or family think …

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