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Learn Anything Online with 4000 Great Lessons

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Learn Anything Online Together Campaign is aimed at providing equal and mutual opportunities for LELB Society’s learners to study our premium lessons and let others study, too, in return. In other words, we don’t believe in something for nothing. Therefore, to access all of our premium lessons for free, including thousands of lessons, carefully illustrated flashcards, video podcasts, collocations, comments, Persian lessons and the like, you, too, should help our other learners learn something from you in one way or another.

Learn anything online together

  • You will be able to access all of our premium resources, lessons and services for free.
  • All of your academic works, activities, articles, etc. are published in your own name at LELB Society.
  • You can earn a high income by charging your students or customers individually.
  • The tasks you should accomplish are quite easy and based on reasonable expectations.
  • You just need to be active on a weekly basis in the following fields.

How to join this campaign and let others learn from you?

  1. Publish your articles at LELB Society.
  2. Teach English or Persian online at LELB Society.
  3. Join our English Vocabulary Learning Campaign.
  4. Teach English or Farsi in our Discord server.
  5. Transcribe videos into texts.
  6. Become a lecturer at LELB Society.
  7. Edit, translate or complete writing projects.
  8. Create educational podcasts with us for our YouTube channel.
  9. چاپ مقالات علمی به زبان فارسی به نام خود شما

To have more information on how to join our team, click here and study our team membership page.

You can also join us as a marketer and invite your friends, classmates, colleagues, etc. to register at LELB Society via email or your unique coupon, and receive 50% of their fees immediately. Site membership is 100% free for our marketers.

Contact us if you like to join us, enjoy 100% free site membership and make money for yourself.

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