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Propitious 1100 Words You Need Week 13 Day 3

1100 Words You Need

Propitious 1100 Words You Need

/prəˈpɪʃ.əs/ (adj)

likely to , favorable, desirable, likely to result in , promising, fortunate, opportune, lucky, providential:

Some Governments have become undemocratic and their accountability to has eroded. , the state of the has not been propitious for long-term planning, managing the and achieving the MDGs in many countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

Source: The Book, Committee for Development Policy: Report on the Seventh Session

Tasks also have interesting theoretical linkages. Early approaches to researching tasks were strongly influenced by the (Long 1996), and, making the assumption that certain sorts of interactional processes are most propitious for , the was largely one of exploring tasks might be designed and used to maximize opportunities for interactional features, such as and negotiation of meaning, which were be particularly helpful in driving acquisition.

Source: The Book, Processing Perspectives on Task Performance

, parenting actually begins before conception. The Misak, in Colombia, make offerings to the spirits when they ask them whether the time is propitious for starting a child. If the answer is , conception is timed so that the baby is born at the most of year, because the season of birth will determine that child’s temperament. Parents in are more likely to consult their than the spirits to see if they can , but in both cases the cultural practices of arranging a child’s life begin before the biological processes of conception.

Source: The Book, Child Development: Understanding A Cultural Perspective

Antonym: inauspicious, unfortunate

Noun: propitiousness

Adv: propitiously

French: propice

Farsi: مناسب، فرخنده

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