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Psycholinguistic Models in Second Language Learning

Psycholinguistic models in second language learning with recorded lecture by Dr. Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl

Psycholinguistic models in second language learning written and narrated by Dr. Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl Author: Dr. Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl Video of psycholinguistic models in language learning Watch this video on YouTube. Abstract In the late 1960s, after behaviorism and at the start of Transformational-Generative Grammar proposed by Chomsky, A great deal of emphasis…

Motivation in Second Language Learning

Learn Farsi Online with Native Speakers in Live Classes and Asynchronously

The important factor of motivation in second language learning Motivation in second language learning Gardner’s Socio-Educational Model (with integrative motivation the key construct) was the dominant theory in early motivation research. A social-psychological factor frequently used to account for differential success in learning a second language is motivation. This has an intuitive appeal. It makes…

Cognitive Development | TESL Issues

Human Brain Practice reading & listening with flashcards at LELB Society by Mahsa Mohammadi

Cognitive development in children proposed by Piaget, a Swiss psychologists Cognitive Development Cognitive Development was proposed by Piaget (1896-1980), a Swiss psychologist. Jean Piaget offered an essentially rationalist perspective, documenting the insufficiency of an empiricist interpretation of experience (Piaget, 1980, p. 23). Sensory Motor Stage: Piaget’s theory is based on learners passing through a series…